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                                                                          Are you and your home ready for “Old Man Winter“?  
                  Points to Consider:

  1.  Are your gutters clean and free of debris?  Make sure that gutters are cleaned twice a year to prevent roof damage and leaks.

 2.  Has your HVAC been serviced recently?  Or is it in need of replacement?  Call a certified professional to inspect your system to prepare for cold winter months.

3.  When there is a chance of a winter storm be sure to protect electronics and small appliances by unplugging them.  Power surges can damage these items.  Surge protection strips offer a way to protect small items and appliances.  Consider an in-home generator to run heat and appliances in the case of power outages.

4.  Is your homeowners insurance up to date?  Speak to your insurance professional to make sure your current policy is in order and has the right coverage for your needs.    
5.  Consider having your power company or an outside company perform a home energy audit to determine where you might need extra insulation, caulking or other maintenance to avoid losing heat and/or having cold air entering your home and possibly putting stress on your heating system.  Make sure to change filters monthly to avoid possible damage to your system.

6.  Make sure to check exposed water pipes for proper insulation to avoid damage during extreme cold weather.

7.   Also, remember that pets get cold too!  Prepare them for safety and warmth in cold weather.